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Pursuing Peace For My Beloved

 Pure Land Buddhist Art, China. 
The concept of love is simple.
Love is pure and beautiful.
When people truly love you, 
they care about you, 
they want you to be happy.

The love of my life abruptly left this world in an accident,
He left me widowed, 
alone in the world,
I feel
shattered / broken / empty / lonely / sad
He is
the love of my life/
the oxygen to my lungs/
the pumping of my heart/
the neurons to my brain

I want to 
hurl myself off the cliff, 
fall into the ocean,
be carried away into the deep currents
floating amongst sea plankton, anemones, fishes, dolphins.

But I know that's not what my beloved wants for me
He's still here,
watching over me / loving me,
He's still alive,
in another form / in another world.
I feel him desperately trying to reach out to me,
but he can't speak to me, I can't see him,
I can only close my eyes, talk to him
knowing he's there on the other side, listening to me
whilst wishing he could hold me, comfort me.

Oh my beloved
How I miss you so, 
How I ye…

Sabina England interviews Grant Cameron, UFO researcher

I interviewed a well-known UFO researcher, lecturer and writer, Grant Cameron, and we discussed his new forthcoming book about Charlie Red Star, a series of UFO sightings in Manitoba, Canada in 1975 and 1976. We discussed various topics which you may find interesting. This is the first of a series of interviews I plan to conduct with various ufologists, researchers, and writers. So stay tuned and watch out for more interviews in the future.

Flower Altar 4 Frida y Otros Videos

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The Lotus of Bodhi

The Blue Tara (Tibetan Buddhist art)
Apsaras fleeting around the clouds,
Whispering chants fade away in the wind, 
Seated at the tree, 
underneath low branches of swaying leaves, 
the mind opens,
the lotus blooms,
the fragrance sweetens the air,
the sangha swells with love,
as the Buddha dwells in her inner calm.

Alternate Reality / Parallel Dimension / Layers of Worlds

"Mother Earth." Art by Ruta Dumalakaite
I walk 
through the woods 
on Earth 
in the Milky Way Galaxy.
There's another me, 
walking toward me 
but we can't see each other.

You are the Sun // Pyaar de Mera Dil

Final resting place.

You are the sun which gives light to the flower that blooms within me,
You are the warmth like a haven to the flower, the ray that lights up my face,
You are the bright burning star glimmering a glow of hope I could hold onto,
You're my sun, I'm your flower
Pyaar de mera dil.

The sun goes up and down,
I look to you for the light, the warmth, the love.

One day, the sun does not rise
I pause, awaiting for your ascend
Alas! You have not entered the horizon.

Buried beneath the blackness,
the flower has withered within me,
I've become disarrayed,
shivering with cold,
tumbling around in the dark.
You're my sun, I'm your flower,
Pyaar de mera dil,
I beseech you,
Nay, I beg you,
Come on up,
Shine onto me anew.

*Pyaar (de) mera dil translates to "Love (of) my heart" in Hindi

Infinite Sorrow

Poem written by Sabina England

Infinite sorrow,
The pain,
It's too much to keep it all inside
I want to
drown in the ocean
sink into the mud
fade away to darkness
dissolve beneath the cosmos
I await for the hour death awakens me
to nudge me from
the slumber of illusion
in the waking reality we call life.
I look forward to the
day/night of eternal sleep.
I have no fear.
I would hurtle, run toward the end,
embrace it,
be brought forth
unto the tunnel of light
to be freed
to rejoin the love of my life again
It'll happen when it's time to happen.

Wandering Lost in Grief

A poem written by Sabina England