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Black Braids

"Earth and Sky," painting by Angela Babby

Black Braids
Written by Sabina England

I want to run my fingers through your black braids,
unloosen your hair every night before we go to bed,
hold your hand all night while we sleep,

Apathetic City

Apathetic City
Written by Sabina England

Nothing interests me anymore
I am pathetically apathetic
I just wanna party and have fun
I see news of war and destruction on TV but I don’t care
I change the channel to watch the Jersey Shore.
Oh Miss Snooki, it’s a sure thing my eyes will be glazed to the TV screen.
Keep me drugged, keep me happy
Ignorance is Bliss, oh! I love it
I’m in Apathetic City,


Written by Sabina England

the pain
in your eyes
i wish i could dissolve it
like chocolate in one’s mouth
the sorrow in your heart
so heavy
like a steel torch

Deaf Brown Gurl

This poem was originally called D.E.A.F (Deep Enigmatic Audist Force) and then revised and re-named Deaf Brown Gurl. I have performed this poem at Pride STL (2013), The Haberdashery Revue (2013), Subcontinental Drift (2014), amongst a few other places. This poem also appears in The Deaf Experience (2014), an anthology of deaf poetry, essays and stories, curated and edited by Michelle Jay.

Deaf Brown Gurl 
written and performed by Sabina England

in the air
world quiet

Last Night, I Made Love to Allah

This poem is written on the first day of Ramadan, 1433 A.H

Last Night, I Made Love to Allah
Written by Sabina England

Last Night...   I made love to Allah
Knelt in Salat  Desperate to be touched

I wept  Calling out to Her

Poem of a Lonely Soul

Poem of A Lonely $oul
Written by Sabina England

El hombre
seated in my heart
in the lotus position
holding jasmine flowers in his hands
whispering sweet Spanish nothings
into my deaf ears